The Marquam Trail- evening light coming through the trees, brightest green and dusty light brown. Particles floating through the soft setting sunlight

Spider webs- so strong. How long does it take the make? How are they made? Why do they keep sticking to me? What do spiders have to tell us and what can we learn from them?

Slugs- making their somber journey across the path and up a leaf, sporting hair-dos of trailing dirt and needles

I- am beginning to know the trail better- the roots and the bends and the slight rise of the hill that only a runner and her calf muscles will begin to know by heart

Midnight- characterized by stairway walks and sprinklers and city views. Those pretty lights peeping in and out of the trees. And stars almost obliterated by grey, midnight clouds

Empowerment- in the shape of walking the Marquam and then Terwilliger Trails. 5 miles inPortland proper without leaving the woods!

Backyards- What’s so special about travel writing when there’re always treasures to be explored in one’s own backyard? People rarely walk. They miss things like trailheads and stairways and slugs and purple flowers. And grass stuck to your back when you lay to watch the stars.

Deer- there they were, right in front of me, on the trail. They were just going about their day.

Yogurt- even buying that is an adventure

Willamette Park- we walked here! We tromped through a forest and marked-off trail, flopping down under a tree, sun-kissed and dappled with sunlight for a dozing hour or so. We kept our company with the bugs.

Strohecker’s oak- We walk to the park and enjoy the sky through the dappled view of the leaves. The sky is navy but with a dusty gray edge because of the full moon. We can see the navy night in bits and pieces, background to the black leaves, big and strong, waving hello. The trunk is solid, the branches strong. We embrace.

and Music- always, music.

woodland hike


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