musing on greatness

Marilyn once told me, “the best preparation for that moment is the one directly before it.”

I sit and try to contemplate the future but all I know is the present and the past. None of us can know the future in its crystal clarity as when it becomes the present but for some reason we seem to desire it. We want to know the people we will become.

If we let this overwhelm our consciousness, it will consume us. We can and should be concerned with this future- in a gesture of self-protection (no one wants to be hurt) but this is impossible. The only thing that is possible is just trust- trust that our present selves will be able to reconcile our future ones and that this will be protection and defence in itself.

It’s a scary thought, thinking of that future you or me off living their happy (presumably) lives in the future, unknown to us and seemingly alone- and unknown. But they aren’t. They are hopefully surrounded by the same people that keep them company today. The people who embrace them, kiss them, hold them, and cherish them in this present. So as much as we worry, the best moment of preparation for the future moment is still the one just directly before it.

from A Dozen Thoughts on Living by Nicole K. Docimo of

from A Dozen Thoughts on Living by Nicole K. Docimo of


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