the trail

Here is the trail- laid out before us-
Both on a map in our hands and running out from the souls of our shoes

How do we choose to go?

Skip, jump, saunter, frolic, run, stroll, hike?
It was laid out by humans but built in the middle of someone else’s home

How do we choose to walk it?

Listen to the rustle and the quiet
Watch the light change, the leaves wave hello, and the spider webs glisten
Taste the dampness and the clean air
Smell the damp earth and the dry wood dust
Feel the air change as you descend into the ravine- the air thickens with moisture emitted by all the green and your skin cools

All of these things are only perceptible if you really pay attention

So burrow into yourself, take a step and…

Step onto the trail

Tryon Creek State Park, OR


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