Watching the Mountain

Funny thing, mountain watching. We do it like it’s never been done before- all the flocking, tent-piching, hiking, and picture-taking.

The mountain, well, it sits and watches back, sometimes even chuckling at the absurdity and foolishness of all this activity.As it has been for the past 10,000 years or more.

For the mountain, it knows. It knows the flaws of humanity, the flaws that have caused its own glacial collar to melt and its trees to become stumps.

But the mountain, well, it sits. And it chuckles. Because that’s what it has done and that’s what it will do until it has become a foothill, then a hillock, then a bump, then just dust. Constantly reforming itself.

Mt. Rainier by Justin Bailie


6 thoughts on “Watching the Mountain

  1. Katie, my dear, this is grand! I see your photo of a favorite mountain and think of Ansel Adams, read a reference to Bliss and remember good times with Joseph Campbell. Where were you Monday? Benaroya isn’t the same without you. I miss you already. love, H.

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