advice for a sunny day

It’s been very sunny lately here in San Francisco…in fact, so sunny that I have been taking my dresses off their hangers, rummaging around in the cupboard for sunscreen (to no avail), and walking to Dolores Park twice in a day. Has San Francisco summer arrived? (July is usually 50 and foggy). But while sitting in the grass at the park, I jotted down a few words of advice for a sunny day:

Surround yourself with people on a sunny day. Smell a flower, feel the grass, listen to birdsong, turn your face to the sky and inhale, letting the breeze tickle your cheeks and upturned nose.

Go to the nearest tree and be grateful, grateful that it allows you to breathe clean air.

Walk to a park and let its bustle embrace you, listen in, observe the colors of spring clothes surrounding you, taking notes on the latest fashions and greatest tans.

Let the sun overwhelm you with love, let it fill you and trickle over, even overflow- into a smile, a hug, a bigger tip, a weeded garden, or a backrub for your cat.

Hang a stained glass window in your entryway, marveling at the reflected light playing and dancing on the hardwood floor.

Watch the path of a butterfly as it kisses a daisy or drinks from a rose. It is in this observation that you may find peace and simplicity of mind- be inspired to move from hustle and bustle to kissing and drinking what nourishes you.

Read that book that’s been sitting on your bedside table- feel its crisp pages and smell its paper and ink.

Sing a song- let it be carried away on the nearest breeze.

Laugh, giggle, snort, titter, chuckle, chortle, guffaw- share your happiness.

Dolores Park


One thought on “advice for a sunny day

  1. We’ve been having the same great weather up here. Yesterday I went for a bike ride in the morning and then another in the afternoon. Just beautiful.

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