An Ode

I have recently reconnected with an old love. Guess who?

Hello old love. It has been awhile. Did you think I was gone forever?

I do admit, I lost interest. But maybe the real reason I left you behind is because I was scared when the going got rough, when crisp fall days turned into cold, icy mornings.

But I am back. You’ve reignited my passion and purpose. It cannot be any other way.

I love your loyalty- even after a month of inactivity, you are still smooth on the road. I was worried about rust and bumps but that has yet to come.

I love how you carry me through the rain and we dodge the raindrops- with my rainpants on, there are no limits.

I love how you squeak as we come to a stop. But it is a sign that I need to give you more love and that we will  have to ease into this relationship. I don’t expect you to forgive me all at once.

I love your old fashioned shifters and your original wheels.  You are older than me and have seen these streets before I was even thought of. I need to learn from your wisdom.

I love your speed. Sometimes you even beat the bus. You make us independent of any other transportation.

I love how you keep me in shape. I mean, how else would I be able to climb these hills? You put life into my tired legs and remind me to move more.

I love how you help me fall in love with my city. You and I glide across the Hawthorne Bridge, crossing the turbid water strewn with stray logs after a week of rain.

But I smile nonetheless at the grey skies because I know that a cup of tea is in my near future.

You take me places I would have never imagined. New routes, new streets, new houses whizzing by, new coffee shops wafting their bitter bean smell, new parks passing to my right and I take mental notes on all. To visit. To visit.

Thank you for you. You take me places day by day, place to place, rain or shine. You shine blue and red, and you make me feel powerful as we discover this city together.

this is love

5 thoughts on “An Ode

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