autumnal secrets

There’s nothing like a weekend of constant drizzle, rain, downpour, and monsoon (not to mention sinister blizzard warnings) to make a poor Portlander long for sun. A couple weeks ago, before the leaves got soggy and the skies turned gray, we were actually having a pretty beautiful fall here. And now that winter is approaching, these crisp days with their brightly colored leaves seem to be over for this year.

I have been quite inspired lately by the writing of seedbud on the blog leaf and twig. Though the writer focuses on their East Coast rural home, I have tried to emulate the brevity and profundity found in seedbud’s poems in small pieces written about my cityscape. Enjoy!

SalmonStreet11-21 on Salmon Street

the leaves are glowing

with autumnal secrets


3 thoughts on “autumnal secrets

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