Trillium, Oneonta Trail, OR

Trillium, Oneonta Trail, OR

Holy Trinity,

So tender and wild.

ps. credit goes to Alicia’s student for initial inception of this idea.

pps. Happy Vernal Equinox!


3 thoughts on “Trillium

  1. Katie,
    I can’t wait to tell her about your twist on her turn of phrase. I think she will have a special appreciation for it. She was one of our Star Students this week and on her day to bring in special things she brought in her favorite doll, a stuffed owl and her Bible.

    • What a beautiful combination of objects! I love the concept of bringing in special things…they always tell so much about the person! Let me know what your student says! 🙂 I have her phrase written down on a card on my night stand and I look at it often!

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