Ruffling my wings

Though many animals have evolved to strut their stuff (peacocks fanning out a rainbow of feathers, lions growing impressive manes, cats perfecting their ownership of the sidewalk), I have not. I am not one to show off, gloat, or ruffle my wings. But every once in awhile, I have to share good news.

vintage print of honeybees

vintage print of honeybees

This fall has been a bounty in my world of writing. It started with a piece in NW Kids Magazine called “Celebrating Honeybees: Resources for Learning with the Whole Family”, which is a guide for families to learn more and become stewards of honeybees. My friend Melissa is heading up an incredible project called Winged, which is a forthcoming compilation of new writing about honeybees that she is currently recruiting for. She asked me to write a guest post for the Winged blog, which was posted this week. It’s called “We Can Do It! Discovering Optimism through Beekeeping” and is a reflection on my journey as a beekeeper and honeybee educator.

Most cumulative, though, is a larger project published on CLEARING Magazine‘s website. I have been an intern with them and was lucky enough to research teachers who are using beehives in school settings. “Beehives Take Flight: ‘Honeybee Heroes’ and apiary-based education in the Pacific Northwest” turned out to be a multi-part series and profiles some pretty inspiring people that I am honored to call my friends.

Though I am proud to share these new pieces, I am even more grateful that I have been able to write about things that I am passionate about. Stay tuned on this blog, of course, for more current writings. And my Portfolio page, above, is always a current list of pieces published outside my blog.

All right, I’m done ruffling now.


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