behind the lens

My friend Tom recently lent me his DSLR camera. Turns out, having another nice tool for a detail-oriented writer like me has been kind of nice. I haven’t had much time to do much polished writing lately (in the midst of my community college class, grad school applications, and what else? oh yeah, work) but photography has been a nice creative outlet. Here are some first pictures, brought to you by Nikon 3000 and a whole lot of beautiful places.

from L-R: Talent dusk, Tartine bakery, Ashland winter flowers, Pacific City sun, San Francisco rooftop breakfast, Portland puddle, Pacific City sand dunes, Portland coffeehouse,  Devil’s lake morning coffee, Hood River harvest












2 thoughts on “behind the lens

  1. Nice to see you’re out and about despite the pressures that hover! But, of course, I long for just a few more words that show…a haiku? A short poem? Or not….nice to hear from you either way!

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