Discovering the Mystery of Where We Live

I rarely reblog, but this is a piece wrote by me, just on another blog. I wrote this article for the blog managed by my graduate program at Southern Oregon University. The Siskiyou Environmental Education Center (SEEC) is a hub for environmental education in the Rogue Valley region of Southern Oregon and is run through the Environmental Education masters program at Southern Oregon University. Our blog, “Hike and Go SEEC!” publishes musings by graduate students in the program covering a variety of topics. I’d recommend reading it if you are interested in environmental education, natural history, or Southern Oregon. I started this MS in EE in July and have immediately been immersed in the unique natural history of this area. Fascinating stuff! Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it 🙂

SOU Environmental Education

“One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?”

-Rachel Carson-

Rachel Carson in the field Rachel Carson in the field

Rachel Carson (1907-1964), renowned biologist and writer, is most well-known for her career as an activist, taking a brave stance against pesticides with her publication of Silent Springin 1962. She is a prime example of how science can be used to educate the public and effectively change attitudes about the environment. However, Carson was also a sensitive nature writer and mentor to her nephew Roger. Her book, The Sense of Wonder, chronicles their adventures in the varied terrain of the Maine wilderness, through intimate and sensory accounts of their findings. As environmental educators, it is important for us to follow Carson’s example, using our strong background in scientific principles to strengthen the…

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7 thoughts on “Discovering the Mystery of Where We Live

  1. While Oregon is now far away for me, it wasn’t always, I have the delights of my village here on the edge of The Mediterranean and the foot of The Pyrenees. It is a seekers wonderland.

    • Léa, I really appreciate you stopping by! I love thinking that people across the world are reading my writing and being transported to Oregon. Not only just reading but telling me about it too 🙂 Now I have to check out your blog to transport me to France! Merci!

      • Katie, I still have a few connections there. My father’s cousin in Portland and a friend in Ashland. I’ve got two blogs, one is about France the other poetry (mostly mine). Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      • I have a friend in Ashland, who is down visiting in Sacramento right now. It is a small world. I left Sacramento for the south of France and endless inspiration here as well…

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